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• Anslutning: M6 Inre gängning • TETRA • Frekvensområde: 410 - 450 MHz • Antennförstärkning: 2,5 dBi 47,8 cm. Systemkrav. • Antennbas med M6 extern gängning. Paketets innehåll. • Antenn The most popular frequencies in this band include 400 MHz, 420 MHz, 450 MHz and 470 MHz. You will find these antennas being used for voice communications in two-way radio.. ..500mhz-950mhz Digital 9000 Four Channel Uhf Wireless Microphone Antenn Splitter... Frequency range: 500-950MHz Bandwidth: 450MHz AliExpress carries many 450mhz related products, including antenna hf , rf uart , 433 antenna , rs232 transceiver , antenna mhz , 868 antenna , 915mhz antenna.. Compare with similar items. This item Larsen 144-148/440-450 MHz Dual Band 37.25 Chrome whip with black base antenna serves both UHF and VHF amateur bands

Антенна радио (NMO [5dB, 0.96м, 430-450mHz]) Артикул: C02551. Частота, МГц Patch antennas are rarely used at 300MHz to 450MHz, because the conventional dimensions of these antennas are usually one-quarter of a wavelength

Delock TETRA antenn 410 - 450 MHz

Yagi antennas from 138-960 MHz ship standard with a welded mounting plate for Antennas from 1470-2700 MHz have no welded plate which allows hand held operation Антенны 450 Mhz. Москва, Смольная 24, офис 805. info@antenna1.ru

400 MHz Omni Directional Antennas /. The HyperGain HG459U-NF is a high performance omnidirectional antenna designed for the 450-470 MHz band 450-482 MHz, 1/4 wave, motorcycle mount UHF antenna. 450-512 MHz Low-Profile Motorcycle Mount UHF Antenna (HAE6035) Ссылки 6. antenna-dvb-t2.info. Патч антенна (Patch ANT v.1) 11dBi. www.lan23.ru. БДМ-2 (2.4mhz) или 7-дисковая вай фай пушка Compare with similar items. This item Larsen 144-148/440-450 MHz Dual Band 37.25 Chrome whip with black base antenna serves both UHF and VHF amateur bands

Антенна Зига-17 394-450 МГц. Направленная антенна серии «ЗИГА-17» диапазона 394-450 МГц предназначена для систем . TONGYU 450MHz Antenna Catalogue. Uploaded by. bomjiTTo. saveSave TONGYU 450MHz Antenna Catalogue For Later. 00 upvotes, Mark this document as useful The N4UJW antenna projects design lab. The best ham radio operators have good antennas! You can't work them if you can't hear them Bulk Buy Quality 450MHZ Yagi Antennas at wholesale prices from a wide range of Verified China Manufacturers & Suppliers on GlobalSources.com Base station Antennas & WLL Hotspots Wireless Two-Way Voice, Data, and Video Services 450 MHZ CDMA Broadband Applications Multipoint and Mobile Applications..

450 mhz antenna. Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids. $34.95 Laird Technologies TRA4503 UHF 450-470 MHz Phantom Antenna White NMO Mounting The FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer is an open source project built from STM32-F7 Discovery board. Moreover, the device is able to work up to 450 MHz for some less accurate..

400-490 MHz UHF Arcadian Antenn

UHF-antenn. 9 cm. 403-450 MHz. Inledning. Detaljer. Om Motorola PMAE4069A. Whipantenn, GPS/VHF (136-155 MHz). Motorola GMAE426x. Väggantenn TETRA 450MHz (täckningsband) även känt som Net1-bandet är det frekvensbandet som täcker mest yta i Sverige. Därför är Net1 kända för att kunna ha mottagning där andra operatörer inte har en chans.. Facebook Twitter. UPAD 450Mhz - Cdma 450mhz 800mhz Mobile Phone. Inquire Now. Close. 4.dual standby. Basically parameter's:. Phone. Cdma 450mhz,gsm,wcdma. Frenquency

Poynting XPOL-A0016 8dBi 4G-panelantenn. 450-470/830-960/1710-1880 MHz Антенна для радиолюбителя ANTENNA TRIPOD 29FT АЛЮМИНИЕВЫЙ Антенна для радиолюбителя Antenna Base Dual Band 144-148MHz 3.5 dBd 430-450 MHz.. Cell Phone Antenna - Dont Search Everywhere - Understand Cellular Phones Here. [ 23% OFF ] Cdma450Mhz Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna 450-470Mhz Outdoor Antenna.. Performance Characteristics. Antenna Type: Stubby. Frequency Range (MHz): 450-470. Frequency Band (MHz): UHF. Integrated GPS: No. Mounting Style: SMA - Female UHF Slim Jim Antenna 440-470MHz. Choose an option 440-450MHz Amateur Radio Wider Bandwidth: Almost 8MHz of 2:1 bandwidth (double that of the J-Pole antenna)

The DP727L15 NF is a Wide Band 700-2700MHz 15dBi 4G LTE Directional Antenna. It is compatible with the vast majority of carrier bands and frequencies.. 60 meters - 5 MHz region - A relatively new allocation and originally only available in a 30 meters - 10.1-10.15 MHz - a very narrow band, which is shared with non-amateur.. 144-148MHz (VHF). 430-450MHz (UHF). I planted some Pvc pipe the height of a tree in the back yard, set the antenna so the RF is just above the tree, and I can hit repeaters.. UHF Base Antenna, Fiber Glass, Frequency Range 450-460 MHz. Model: MFB-4505 Brand: PCTEL. SAT code copy in clipboard Tram 450 - 470 MHz Yagi Antenna. 450 - 470 MHz ( No Tuning Required ). 10.2 dBd Gain. 6 Elements. Fully Welded - Gold color finish. Mounting Bracket included. Approx 41 long

Other Radio Antennas. Laird Technologies QWB450 UHF 450-470 MHz Mobile Antenna NMO 6 Antenna Type. Base Station. Frequency. 450-490. Antenna Type. Applications. Lmr/lpwan/ism/M2M. Outdoor. 880 MHz This antenna was designed for 260MHz by scaling a common NBS yagi. Left FFT is 1000.450MHz and right FFT is 992.454MHz

Antennas. 70MHz Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna. 144MHz 2m Portable Yagi VHF Beam Antenna 146.38 USD. LAIRD 430-450MHz 6 Element Directional antenna. 44 inches in length. Key Features. 430-450 MHz Specific Frequency, Vertical Polarization, and 1.5:1 Maximum.. Amplify your signal with Browning. The 450MHz - 490MHz UHF NMO Antenna features a 1/2 wave, 2.4 dBd gain and 200 watts of power 410 MHz - 430 MHz and 430 MHz - 470 MHz The synthesized permission of control 12,5 kHz Stability of frequency ±-1 The TDL 450L-Korea model is certified for use in Korea Antenna Matcher Antenna Mount Antenna Stand Antenna Tilt Base Antenna Upgrade Artificial Ground Attenuator KP-2/440, PRE-AMP,70-CM MAST-MOUNT, 430-450MHz

Tkg 400 Meters Sound System 500mhz-950mhz Digital 9000 Four

420-450Mhz. Connector. Motorola ( screw). Antenna Parts. Accessory for Walkie-talkie. SURECOM Product Line Antenna System Engineering Capabilities. Antenna Products Catalog. GPS L5 1176.45 MHz Multi-Band 118 - 940 MHz Field Tune Multi-Band 150 MHz / 450 MHz Multi-Band.. Līdzīgi meklējumi : antena 450 mhz edimax antenna cb 27 mhz. Atrasta: 21 prece 6 DELOCK TETRA Antenna 450 - 470 MHz 0 dBi 14 cm omnidirectional screw mount.. Barry Bootle. (W9YCW) Hairpin Match for the Collinear - Coaxial Arrau//QST.-1984.-October.-P.39. Doug DeMaw (W1FB) Build Your Own 5/8-Wave Antenna for 146 MHz..

This page shows a wide selection of our antennas in the 100MHz to 1GHz range Смотреть онлайн FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer Quick Review. без регистрации в hd If it could go to 450 mhz, why does he not do that from the factory and advertise that way 10MHz 1W Transceiver NE-QRP. 20m CW Transceiver - 7N3WVM. AM Magnum Antenna Booster and Receiver. Short-Wave Simplest Receiver See All. 450-470 MHz 8.5 dBi Directional Yagi Antenna. Electrical Specifications Model TLYA-450-8-5C Frequency Range 450-470 MHz Gain 8.5 dBi VSWR <1.5:1 Polarization..

430-450 MHz Yagi Antenna, with 1 N-female jack. Dimensions: 1180mm x 370mm x 25mm. Frequency. 430-450 MHz. Polarization. Vertical or Horizontal The Uberluft 450-470 MHz antenna was designed and manufactured with extremes in mind. J-Pole antenna build project for the 440 to 450 MHz range (70cm band)

28/21 MHz yagi. This antenna was built to match the peak of suncycle 22. By using 450 ohms ladder lines as stubs the construction is a piece of a cake 48 USD. Frequency (MHz). 450-470 MHz. Product Narrative. Stealth Blade Antenna can be mounted virtually anywhere without obstruction due to its ultra slim design 450mhz Cdma External Antenna- Find detailed information about GSM/CDMA wireless antennas from Foshan Zhengxiong Electronic Co., Ltd.. You may also find other.. The HAE4011A is 450 - 470 MHz, 3dB Gain. This HAE4011A is a UHF, through-hole mount antenna. These antennas are designed to direct the signal more towards the horizon..

VHF antennas, UHF antennas category of products available for sale at the A broadband, rugged, mobile radio antenna designed to service the whole 450-520 MHz.. Telewave 415-450 MHz Yagi 166 kB PDF file 7 elements, 10 dB, 500w, 41 inches boom length, 13 inches longest element. Telewave Discone Antenna 75 MHz to 3 GHz 75 kB.. Antennas and Antenna Kits. 2020/05/05. Antenna Declaration of Conformity

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5, 9 or 12 elements wide bandwidth light weight directional antenna with folded dipole as driven element designed VHF & UHF Folded Dipole Antennas HORWIN (145-175 MHz) ICOM Antenna 450-470MHz Stubby. Be the first to review this product. is a high quality Icom whip antenna to be used on the UHF band at frequencies from 450MHz to 470MHz The CXL 450-3LW-SS-Ex from Amphenol Procom is a Antenna with Frequency 380 to 470 MHz, Bandwidth 30 MHz, Gain 5 dBi 3, dBd, Operating Temperature -30 to 60 Degree C..

Larsen 144-148/440-450 MHz Dual Band 37

3W •Connector Type TNC •Operating Temperature -30°~ +60°C •Weight 005Kg The frequencies of our antennas cover 10-6000MHz currentl.. VX-450 Series Acc's. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Motorola UHF Stubby Antenna (405-450MHz) PMAE4069A

UHF Antenna, 450 to 470 MHz, Length (In. 486. Габариты рефлектора, мм.(длинна х ширина х высота). 510 x 450 x 100

1.FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer (EU1KY) Introduction. I recently received a RF board. It is in the form of a docking board on the STM32F746 Discovery board 450mhz 14dbi Yagi Antenna Wholesale. Related Categories. Do you have 450mhz 14dbi yagi antenna or other products of your own

АО «ПРИН» Антенна радио для ADL, HPB, PDL Rover Kit

  1. 4G LTE 450. 3G UMTS 2100
  2. Base/Mobile Antennas. The COMPACtenna 28-450 uses a patented design which Power capacity is 150 watts on 10, 6 and 2 meters and 100 watts on 220 and 440 MHz
  3. CDMA-450. GSM 900-1800. ISM телеметрия
  4. Leírás és Paraméterek. Motorola ATU-16C antenna 420-450 MHZ 14 CM Vertex Standard / Motorola VX-450 és EVX 350 sorozathoz
  5. 420-450 MHz UHF Antenna. Compatible with EVX-530 and VX-450 Series Radios
  6. Frequency Range: 405-450MHz. GPS: Y. Colour Code: Red. Be the first to review PMAE4069A - UHF Stubby Antenna (405-450MHz) Cancel reply
  7. Omnidirectional Fiberglass UHF Antenna, 450-470 MHz. 100W Max, Tuned Frequency - 460 MHz, Unity Gain, 26 inch Length, N Female Connector

Small Antennas for 300MHz to 450MHz - Maxim Integrate

Vertical. Minimum Frequency. 450 MHz. This single band whip portable antenna has a frequency range of 450 MHz to 470 MHz and a nominal dBi gain Omnidirectional collinear antenna perfect as a UHF CB radio base station antenna. All white fiberglass construction, 3.3 metres high. Mounts with 2 stainless parallel clamps

Base Station Antennas Telewave, Inc

  1. o Frequency Band: 400MHz to 450MHz. o Antenna Type: Eighth wave Whip. o Gain at Connector: -3dBi (With reference to a 1/8 wave ground plane)
  2. Зигзагообразная антенна с сетчатым рефлектором на диапазон 420-450 МГц. BS-450. УКВ антенна, 406-512 МГц, 6 дБ, 200Вт. OPEK
  3. 440-450MHz BASE/REPEATER ANTENNA 9dBi 10'5 N CONN. We had 1 of this item in stock at the time of the last update
  4. Shenzhen Deertom Technology Co.,Ltd offering fine quality 430-450MHz 450-470MHz 433MHz 450MHz Yagi Antenna CDMA 5 Elements Yagi at Affordable Price.

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..и передачи радиосигналов в диапазоне 450 - 470 MHz (CDMA MTS Connect). Рабочий диапазон частот. 450-470 MHz CDMA (МТС Коннект). Длинна кабеля

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